VingCard Classic hotel lock - Stay on Track

VingCard's Classic electronic guestroom locks have been carefully designed and engineered to our own exact standards, in order to provide the quality you need to secure your valuable property and guests. Operated with a highly reliable magnetic stripe- and/or a smartcard system, the VingCard Classic door lock offers a number of unique safety and operational features, yet they are exceptionally easy to operate and maintain. With over 15 years of proven performance in thousands of hotels throughout the world, VingCard's Classic hotel locks continue to set the standards in the industry.

Classic electronic lock for hotels is available with both a magnetic stripe card reader and a optional dual magnetic-/smart card reader, using either 2800 or VISION electronic locking system.


- High security lockset with a full 1-inch steel deadbolt, 3/4-inch anti-pick latch for added strength and 2 piece anti-friction latch.

- High quality steel reinforced construction with solid brass handles.

- Self lubrication long life bearings tested to withstand more than one million openings without visible sign of wear.

- Full mortise ANSI and EURO lock case options.

- Modular components for flexibility and easy maintenance.

- "Panic release" - deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by inside handle.

- 3-hour UL fire listed.

  1. -Powerful "Flash" Memory Technology allows the lock to be easily reprogrammed and upgraded on site without replacing expensive hardware or components.

- 600 event audit trail stored in the lock.

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